Hi, I'm Sophie Tran!

A Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Combining Aesthetics and Functionality in my work. Interested in building product that is visually appealing and intuitive to use.

Improving the Online Handymen Marketplace Experience
UX case study offering suggestions and ideas to enhance user experiences for two user segments: Clients and Taskers.
Enhancing Audiobook Listening Experience for Busy Users
UX Case Study
Iris Design System
Recreate guidelines and components from scratch in Figma based on Material Design 2.
Visualizing Large Art Collections
A booklet for a general audience interested in application of machine learning in the Visual Arts.
UI Design Challenge 6-10
UI solutions for 5 apps: Event Live Map, Social Media for Creatives, Festival Event Booking, Magazine Subscription, and Gallery Browsing
UI Design Challenge 1-5
UI solutions for 5 apps: Personal Planner, Book Reading, Multiple Choice Quiz, Florist Shop, and Streaming Dashboard
Kinetic Type
Kinetic typography is type going wild. It can liquify, expand, squeeze, transform, pixelate, and displace.
Playing with Type Vol. 2
Types are maneuverable as well as expressive. In Vol 2, I push the experiment to a more abstract level, tying type in with semantics, as well as making type from scratch.
Playing with Type Vol. 1
From magazine cover, to book cover, to CD package, to travel guide, and to poster, these projects build around short passages of text. Typography can put new life into these commonplace products.
Music Poster Series
Experiments with typefaces, colors, and layout to best capture musicians' personas
Graphic Design History through Thirteen Pastiches
13 posters represent major stylistic moments in the history of Graphic Design
Front End Development
Front end projects using Javascript, HTML, and CSS
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